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Workshops are held every year during the SPSA’s regular annual conferences in January as well as during their new summer follow-up virtual conferences held in June.


In order to register for the workshops, participants must first register for the SPSA conference.

There are no additional fees to attend the workshops.

How to Register

To register for workshops, participants must first register for the SPSA conference on the SPSA's website:

Note: registration for the SPSA's January conference also gives you access to the online follow-up sessions in June.

Once you have confirmed your SPSA registration, proceed to your KiND Institute profile to upload your SPSA registration confirmation. Please allow us 24 to 48 hours to confirm your information.
As soon as this information has been confirmed, your conference registration will appear in your KiND profile under "My Conferences".

Once workshop registration is available, you will receive a notification and you will then be able to select your workshops under "My Workshops" in your KiND profile member's menu.
If you have any questions or have issues with your registration, please contact us at
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