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Let's Write an Op-Ed

June 21st, 2024

2:00pm - 5:50pm (EST)




Dr. Diana L. Gustafson

Author and Honorary Research Professor, Faculty of Medicine, Memorial University

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Do you have some fresh new research findings that you want to get out into the world? Have a strongly held opinion about a hot-button issue? Or have a journal article or book chapter that you want to convert for public consumption? The goal of this interactive writing workshop is to provide you with the know-how to put fingers to keyboard and write a thoughtful, evidence-based op-ed. As a post-workshop bonus, participants will be offered comments on an op-ed of their choice.


Come prepared to apply practical strategies for turning a theme, topic, or event of interest into a draft before exchanging feedback with a peer. We’ll review published examples to identify the purpose and key features of an informed, evidence-based op-ed. Hands-on activities will assist you in evaluating the clarity of your main point, the power of your opening hook, and the quality of the evidence supporting your argument. We’ll pay special attention to the scaffolding of your argument and the strength and persuasiveness of your authorial voice for your target audience.


  • Read examples to identify the purpose and essential elements of an op-ed.

  • Evaluate examples using checklist.

  • Choose a topic, event, issue or concept of interest to you.

  • Pinpoint your perspective or core message or thesis.

  • Convert your claim into an opening hook that will grab readers’ attention.

  • Choose target audience and media outlet.

  • Select and organize supporting evidence and relevant examples.

  • Write a persuasive draft with a memorable ending or call to action.

  • Engage in self-reflection about your authorial voice and tone.

  • Brainstorm several titles or headlines.

  • Share your draft with a peer and offer feedback using checklist.

  • Ruminate and revise.


Audience & Prerequisites

This workshop is intended for anyone seeking support with drafting and refining an op-ed. You will be introduced to the fundamental elements that editors and readers expect in an objective and compelling research-driven opinion piece on a contemporary issue.

Prior to the session, please review the following brief op-ed article:

Certificate Credits:


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