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Successfully managing conflict and building a smooth road ahead
This workshop is not currrently available. Contact us for more info.

Effectiveness and Efficiency

Tools for measurement and Implementation with Dr. Piotr Modzelewski and Dr. Tomasz Gajderowicz

  • Hilton New Orleans Riverside, Two Poydras St, New Orleans, LA 70130

Workshop Description

This workshop introduces Bayesian inference. The goal is to provide an introduction to Bayesian statistics for social science students and practitioners that starts from the absolute beginning and walks participants steadily through the material. No previous knowledge is required other than that in a basic, typically undergraduate, statistics course. At the end of the workshop participants will understand the core tenets of Bayesian theory and practice in a way that enables them to specify, implement, and understand models using practical social science data. Each module will cover theoretical principles and real-world applications that provide motivation and intuition. Because Bayesian methods are intricately tied to software solutions code in both R and Python will be provided throughout. For more details see:

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